Club Board Professionals


Testimonials From Industry Partners, General Managers, and Club Leaders


Private Club Industry Partners

We are delighted to be partnering with Club Board Professionals to amplify the RCS scope of services for private clubs. Joe Abely and Dave Duval are experts in their field with a history of success. Their depth and breadth of knowledge of the private club industry from personal and professional experience make them uniquely qualified to help advise our customers through their strategic process or capital planning needs. With this new collaboration, RCS becomes a true one-stop-shop for any private club.
— Whitney Reid Pennell | Founder and President | RCS Hospitality Group
I have had the opportunity over the past decade to work closely with both Joe and David in their capacity as Board members and Officers. Their clubs have benefitted from their years of experience in accounting, finance and overall business management. Their expertise enabled them to implement the strategic planning, budgeting and financing necessary to guide their clubs through successful major renovations in difficult economic times. Many other clubs would be well served by their knowledge and experience
— Dan Condon, CPA | Founding Partner | Condon, O'Meara, McGinty & Donnelly LLP - Certified Public Accountants
Dave Duval will make things happen. He has an extraordinary ability to see the big picture and implement strategic and tactical plans to solve complex problems. Working with a team of residents, Dave led a complete turnaround of Chapman’s Reach Condominium Trust, a community of high-end residences, earning them Community Association of the Year honors from CAI-New England. Dave is a tireless worker who you want on your side.
— Robert McBride | CEO | The Dartmouth Group
Dave and Joe get our industry from unique and varied perspectives; each perspective valuable while collectively allowing them to leverage their professional training and board governance experiences to support managers and boards alike. They have been fortunate to work with some of the top managers in the country so they know not only the governance challenges clubs face from a board member perspective but also have incredible talent to empathize with the plight of management, operations and the challenge of “managing up”. They are quick to forge a partnership with key club stakeholders. Our industry needs these services. Dave and Joe are the professionals to integrate with your board and management teams to advance financial enlightenment and good governance at your club.
— Dan Denehy, CCM, CHA | President | Denehy Thinking Partners
We have worked with David Duval at two of his clubs where as club president he guided us in survey and strategic planning work and at his golf club in Boston where he was the treasurer as we developed capital improvement programs. He is very knowledgable about private club financial affairs and the political side of working with members to effect necessary change to improve all aspects of club offerings. You can’t go wrong with David and his firm if your club needs help in the financial area of operations.
— Bill McMahon, Sr., | Chairman | McMahon Group - Private Club Planners And Consultants
I have seen Dave and Joe in action as both Treasurer and President of their respective clubs. Their deep background as CFOs and business leaders is based on “digging in” and understanding. They both bring great financial insight and real world club board experience to the table. They have spent many hours with us at Club Benchmarking studying the benchmarks and KPIs and I am sure their experience and insight will be of great value to the clubs they engage.
— Ray Cronin | CEO & Co-Founder | Club Benchmarking
Club Board Professionals (“CBP”) and Judd Brown Designs Inc. (“JBD”)/Jefferson Group Architecture (“JGA”) have entered into a strategic alliance to facilitate private club project planning and financing as part of their facilities Master Planning services. The firms have a shared belief that outstanding facilities are a key determinant of a club’s success and that long-term financial planning with early consideration of financing options expedites project development, evaluation and approval processes.
— Peter Cafaro | Senior Vice President, Marketing Director | Judd Brown Design

Private Club General Managers

I whole-heartedly recommend Joe and Dave as financially oriented advisors to the world of Private Clubs. I’ve known each of them for long periods of time and have great respect for their work.

During my 24 plus years as General Manager of Brae Burn Country Club I worked closely with Joe Abely and appreciated his financial acumen, planning capabilities, supportive style and steady hand in the Board room. Working together, we accomplished a lot and I learned a great deal from Joe.

I first met Dave Duval as Treasurer of Charles River Country Club about a decade ago and also know him as a member of the Harvard Club of Boston. While Treasurer of Charles River he organized and led a peer group of General Managers and Treasurers of some of the most successful Clubs in greater Boston. We share best practices and financial information for benchmarking purposes. Our discussions bring it all to life and it serves us very well. Dave did a great job of making it all happen.

I have no doubt that Clubs working with Joe and Dave will benefit from the experience.
— Steve Cummings, CCM, CCE, General Manager | Harvard Club Of Boston
During the three years Joe Abely and I worked together, we added 98 new members, opened a new $4.5M Grille Room with outdoor dining spaces, invested $1.8M to fully renovate and improve the pool complex, completely renovated the clubhouse lobby and several key function spaces in our 60,000 SF clubhouse, approved plans for a new $900,000 tennis house completed in June of this year, added an overwhelmingly popular summer camp and restored optimum playing conditions to the Donald Ross championship golf course.

Mr. Abely fully supported me and the operating team in achieving two essential operational goals outlined in the strategic plan; significantly elevate the member dining experience and transform the service culture throughout the club. The private country club business is different than how many public and private companies operate, and Mr. Abely well understood the balance between more typical business focus and metrics, emphasizing the use of quality peer club data, membership surveys, and innovation to attract the next generation of members while preserving the wonderful traditions of the club.
— Sean P. McLaughlin, General Manager | Brae Burn Country Club
I worked in partnership with David Duval for more than eight years at Charles River Country Club. His planning skills and professionalism as a Governor, Committee Chair and Treasurer set this club on a path of excellence that allowed us to attract more than 150 new members in less than six years while updating nearly every facility on campus at a cost of approximately $17 million and leaving us in an enviable financial position.

I personally learned much from Mr. Duval and his assistance, friendship and dedication helped make me the General Manager I am today.
— Daniel O’Connell | General Manager, Charles River Country Club
As President of Quechee Lakes, Dave Duval worked with our Board of Trustees and Finance Committee to provide greater visibility and understanding of our finances. Through the introduction of an Integrated Funds Plan, Dave was able to provide a clear and concise view of our cash position regarding operations and capital spending. He further applied the IFP to our 10-year financial plan which provided our entire membership with a very clear vision of our future. He has a unique ability to transform a vision into a plan that others are drawn to follow. Dave’s years of experience on Club Boards and his excellent knowledge of finance allowed Quechee Lakes to flourish. His understanding of Clubs and Club finance shortened the learning curve for all around him and his work was exceptionally beneficial to me as GM. I recommend Dave unequivocally and will utilize his expertise at every club I am involved with.
— Tim Lewis, General Manager/COO | 3 Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, WY | former GM/COO of Quechee Lakes Landowners’ Association

Private Club Leaders

Dave did a brilliant job as the Treasurer of Charles River Country Club. His background as an accountant was extremely useful but his skill as a financier was outstanding. With Dave’s guidance, our club, of which I was a board member and corporate secretary for ten years, recast its balance sheet in ways that permitted the club to self-finance millions of dollars of infrastructure improvements during his term of office and to obtain a clubhouse renovation loan on some of the most favorable rates and terms I’ve seen in practice. I enthusiastically recommend him as a dedicated and tireless advisor.
— William Rodgers, Esq. | Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers | Former Club Secretary, Charles River Country Club
The knowledge and experience Joe developed as the CEO of a major for profit organization and then as the CEO of a Charitable Not-For-Profit organization provided Joe with a unique ability to implement solid financial and organization skills while enhancing the overall member/ client experience which are two critical factors in any club’s success and long-term viability. As the immediate Past President of Brae Burn Country Club, Joe lead the largest and most successful expansion of the club in terms of facilities and overall membership satisfaction, and he was able to do so while generating an operating profit for the club.
— Peter Galligan Executive Vice President, Citizens Financial Group (Retired) | Board Member, Brae Burn Country Club
Joe’s temperament, leadership skills, and experience are second to none! His background includes senior leadership positions in business, not-for-profit organizations and a decade-long tenure as treasurer and president of Brae Burn Country Club. He has a unique set of skills and accomplishments which position him well to guide clubs and organizations through budgeting, planning, infrastructure development and replacement projects and other concerns and challenges.
— Thomas Kiley President And CEO, Northeast Gas Association | Board Member, Brae Burn Country Club
With Dave Duval as President, The Quechee Club undertook its first comprehensive overhaul of its governing documents in more than two decades. The effort brought numerous issues of this 1,380 member association to light. Dave guided a talented team of members and independent counsel to a much needed set of revisions that will serve the Club well into the future. Dave’s insight into private Club governance matters, communication skills and deep understanding of what it takes to succeed certainly benefited this Club.
— Ted York, Member And Past-President | The Quechee Club
Dave Duval did an outstanding job during his tenure as Treasurer of Charles River Country Club. At the end of this term, the Club was in an exceptionally strong financial position, which can not be said for the majority of the country clubs in the area. His organizational skills together with his transparency, resulted in the full backing and support of the entire membership, a crucial element to the Club’s financial success and harmony.
— Craig P. Gilmartin, Esq. | Gilmartin Magence, LLP | Club Secretary, Charles River Country Club
I worked with David Duval for 3 years while serving on the Charles River CC Long Term Capital Planning Committee.  David’s expertise in cash flow modeling and budgeting is the reason the club could undertake many millions of dollars of capital improvements without the need to assess the membership. He is extremely organized and our meetings were always efficient, yet the agenda very full.  David is a great strategic planner as he not only was able to finance today’s capital needs, but always looked to funding capital needs several years away, and budget for these expenses.  It was a pleasure working with David.  Our membership was fortunate to have him as our Treasurer and Chairman of our Long Term Capital Planning Committee for 6 years.
— Pamela Kuong | Senior Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch | Member, Charles River CC