Club Board Professionals


Practical Experience in Strategic Financial Planning and the Governance of Clubs

Board Advisory Services

strategic BUSINESS planning

A comprehensive Boardroom process leading to the development of a practical roadmap to membership satisfaction, financial sustainability and exemplary governance.  Results are based on SWOT analysis, meaningful discussions of options and goals with the Board, and a deep understanding of industry trends, membership demographics and the financial realities of the Club and its market.


Customized sessions designed to maximize the effectiveness of Boards and Management in achieving the short and long term goals of the Club.

Long Term Financial Planning

A long term view of the organization’s operating and capital needs matched with the expected availability of funds based on business planning assumptions. This is the critical next step in implementing Strategic and Facility Master Plans.

Best Practice Audits

As a proprietary offering of Club Board Professionals, each client is compared and guided to industry best practices in all areas of management and governance.

Financial Assessments & benchmarking

A comprehensive review of the finances of the organization including comparisons to relevant peers with an evaluation of the sustainability of the business model.


We provide guidance and assistance when exploring a sale, merger or acquisition may be right for your club.

Project Financing Management and Bank Negotiations 

We advise on the assessment of various options for financing major projects and assist with the acquisition of debt through a proven RFP process.

FInancial Boot camp training 

A full day session for Board and Committee members, General Managers and Controllers on the financial aspects of Private Clubs.


turnaround advisory services

When Clubs find themselves in trouble, time is not your friend. Drawing on decades of previous career experience and extensive Private Club Board leadership experience, we are uniquely prepared to rapidly assess resources and risks, lead the Board and Management team to an actionable plan forward and see it through implementation. Your success is our success.


We know that finding the right consultant is a matter of developing trust.  That’s why we offer a no obligation, introductory meeting to discuss your circumstances and goals.   For information about our complimentary Initial Assessment, please click here.

I worked in partnership with David Duval for more than eight years at Charles River Country Club. His planning skills and professionalism as a Governor, Committee Chair and Treasurer set this club on a path of excellence that allowed us to attract more than 150 new members in less than six years while updating nearly every facility on campus at a cost of approximately $17 million and leaving us in an enviable financial position.

I personally learned much from Mr. Duval and his assistance, friendship and dedication helped make me the General Manager I am today.
— Daniel O’Connell | General Manager, Charles River Country Club
As President of Quechee Lakes, Dave Duval worked with our Board of Trustees and Finance Committee to provide greater visibility and understanding of our finances. Through the introduction of an Integrated Funds Plan, Dave was able to provide a clear and concise view of our cash position regarding operations and capital spending. He further applied the IFP to our 10-year financial plan which provided our entire membership with a very clear vision of our future. He has a unique ability to transform a vision into a plan that others are drawn to follow. Dave’s years of experience on Club Boards and his excellent knowledge of finance allowed Quechee Lakes to flourish. His understanding of Clubs and Club finance shortened the learning curve for all around him and his work was exceptionally beneficial to me as GM. I recommend Dave unequivocally and will utilize his expertise at every club I am involved with.
— Tim Lewis, General Manager/COO General Manager| 3 Creek Ranch Golf Club | former GM/COO | Quechee Lakes Landowners’ Association
During the three years Joe Abely and I worked together, we added 98 new members, opened a new $4.5M Grille Room with outdoor dining spaces, invested $1.8M to fully renovate and improve the pool complex, completely renovated the clubhouse lobby and several key function spaces in our 60,000 SF clubhouse, approved plans for a new $900,000 tennis house completed in June of this year, added an overwhelmingly popular summer camp and restored optimum playing conditions to the Donald Ross championship golf course.

Mr. Abely fully supported me and the operating team in achieving two essential operational goals outlined in the strategic plan; significantly elevate the member dining experience and transform the service culture throughout the club. The private country club business is different than how many public and private companies operate, and Mr. Abely well understood the balance between more typical business focus and metrics, emphasizing the use of quality peer club data, membership surveys, and innovation to attract the next generation of members while preserving the wonderful traditions of the club.
— Sean P. McLaughlin, General Manager | Brae Burn Country Club