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Best Practices For Private Club and Association Board Members

When we began our long journeys as Board members, treasurers and presidents of our respective clubs, it didn’t take us long to determine we could learn a great deal from peers at other clubs and consultants with broad industry perspectives. We formed a peer group of a dozen or so of the most successful clubs in the greater Boston area.  Our group frequently shared and discussed information, observations and financial information for the betterment of all of our clubs. With much input from others, we developed and refined a list of Best Practices that we implemented at our own clubs.

Over the past 15 years, we have expanded our knowledge with an ever-widening circle of industry contacts and exposure to more and more clubs.  We’ve converted our list of Best Practices into an annual survey with the help of some terrific General Managers and industry leaders.  We’ve heard from many Board members how eye-opening the survey was to them.  They, like most private club and association Board members, “didn’t know what they didn’t know”.  It’s a great place for Board members to begin or continue their education and only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing a series of blogs on the results of our 2018 survey.  We’ll add our own observations and thoughts to the raw survey data.  If you’d still like to participate in the survey, please click here. To have our blog articles delivered to your email inbox, sign up for our newsletter using the form below this post.

We will be in Nashville February 24-28 for the CMAA conference.  If you plan to attend, we’d enjoy meeting with you.  Our contact information is below.

Dave Duval and Joe Abely, the founders of Club Board Professionals, LLC, are both CPA/MBAs with more than a dozen years each of private club board experience as directors, treasurers and presidents.  They successfully honed their skills while guiding highly-successful transformations of their clubs during challenging markets and economic times.

For further information please reach out to Joe Abely at or 781-953-9333, or Dave Duval at or 617-519-6281.