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Private Club Board Orientations and Training

Board Orientations and Training

Comprehensive Orientation and Training Sessions For New Private Club Board Members

We are firm believers in the importance of annual orientations for all Board members.  There’s so much to learn!  We help Boards get organized and be more effective from the start.  With Board and Officer terms typically short, there’s no time to waste.

Here’s our list of topics for comprehensive orientation/training sessions:

Review results of our Best Practices Audit – it’s a good way to learn how best managed clubs do things and rapidly assess the current situation and where improvements may be possible.

Legal responsibilities of Board members – Obligations and in-depth discussion of the two overriding Duties of Care and Loyalty.

Familiarization with Planning Components – Strategic Plan, Master Facilities Plan, Reserve Studies, Lease and Debt Amortization Schedules and a Long Term Financial Plan.

Finances – Long term financial sustainability is the ultimate responsibility of a Board.  Each Board member must understand the club’s financial condition and make each decision in the context of a Long Term Financial Plan that’s consistent with the club’s strategy.  Education is key.

Roles of Officers, Executive Committee, Board Members, Committees and the General Manager – the responsibilities and boundaries must be clear.

Setting the Annual Agenda – establish current objectives consistent with the strategic plan.  It’s also a good opportunity to discuss if all committees are still needed and to establish an annual charge to committees that’s consistent with Board’s needs and the Strategic, Business and Tactical Plans.

Board Evaluations – a self-evaluation process is helpful and stimulates better practices as well as improved interaction among Board members.

Communications – establish how and when the Board’s work will be communicated to the membership.  The more the better!

Tour of Facilities – all Board members should have a good understanding of the behind the scene workings of the club.

Board Policy Manual – this is a far more comprehensive document than most clubs develop.  It reduces nearly of what’s covered above to writing and needs to be updated annually.  If you do not have one or its needs to be updated, we can help.  Click here to read our blog article on BPM’s. 

Please let us know how we can help with your Board orientations and training!

Club Board Professionals is a strategic financial consulting and training firm.  The Principals, Dave Duval and Joe Abely, assist clubs achieve excellence in three areas: governance, financial sustainability and membership satisfaction. Contact us for a complimentary initial assessment of your club.

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